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Tahlengi Bazaar Is An Invaluable Gallery

The Tahlengi Bazaar, where you can experience shopping with the flavor of local music, culinary, and culture
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Tahlengi Bazaar

TahLengi Bazaar is one of the unique and colorful shopping centers of Abadan in Khozestan province. with various shops and stalls that adorn the streets of this bazaar. People also know TahLengi Bazaar as the Amiri Bazaartoo. Travellers can find all kinds of shoes, clothes, glasses, food, different spices, and foreign foods in the bazaar. (While shopping, watch the expiration date of the goods.) Travellers may be wondering what TahLegi means. It is better to say that Tahlengis are the same goods that sailors and crew are allowed to bring into the country. Each sailor can import goods worth $ 1,500 six times a year. The stuff in this market is often the same items and is sold at a very reasonable price.

The verbal advertising style and the pleasant and cheerful melody of southern music will attract you.

  • The nightlife of Tahlengi Bazaar, especially on nights before Nowruz will call you, even if you do not intend to shop.
  • Keep in mind that this market gets very crowded on weekends and Nowruz days that would get difficult to walk in it.
  • As the snack for your day, we suggest Falafel, the famous street food on each corner of Abadan. Let’s have an unforgettable experience in the most famous Pakistani restaurant close to Tahlengi Bazaar. Do not miss it!

The bazaar is a place where travellers can have a better understanding of Iranian Arabs culture. Visitors can go into the customs and traditions of local people by walking through the bazaar. Enjoy, local traditions in an international market. Satisfy yourself with the memorial crowd and noise while walking and purchasing. Get in touch with people to see Iranian Arab hospitality and taste seafood in the local restaurants of the bazaar. Tahlengi bazaar is a tangible heritage in Ahvaz with its own stories and history.

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